What Others Are Saying

What Others Are Saying About James Mejía

“James Mejia, in my opinion, reignites the vision and passion to move Denver forward...  Look at his record and his accomplishments…  Mayor Hickenlooper turned to him to build the new Justice Center.  It was done on time and on budget.  A $425 Million project... a one million square foot facility led by James Mejia on time and on budget.  That’s a record of accomplishment…”
Federico Peña, Former Mayor of Denver, Former US Secretary of Energy, Former US Secretary of Transportation
Endorsed James for Mayor of Denver

“I have worked directly with James starting in 1996 when I recruited him to serve in my administration as Executive Director of the Agency for Human Rights and Community Relations… James’ consistent progress in my administration in taking on progressively larger roles is testament to his abilities to navigate the world of public policy and political advocacy…”
Wellington Webb, Former Mayor of Denver
Recruited James to work in his cabinet

“From my initial introduction to James, I knew that he was a true leader.  As a young man right out of college, James became engaged in the civic and educational scene in Denver and held many different leadership positions in both city, state and non-profit institutions.  He has always been involved as a volunteer as well as in helping to influence public policy and advocacy of issues important in our community at large…”
Susana Cordova, Chief Academic Officer, Denver Public Schools

“James is an inspiring leader, who worked diligently to represent the ideal role model for his staff, vendors, customers, and the Denver Preschool Program community.  With his guidance and concern for details, James moved a ballot initiative into an operation that will benefit Denver children for generations to come.”
Shane Gruchow, Program Manager, ACS, a Xerox Company
Contractor to James at Denver Preschool Program

“James made my job and my life so much easier. It is great to have someone in your organization that understands the culture of the work environment. I could count on James to handle any project I gave him without having to give him detailed instructions or prodding, James always had my back and in a very public environment like economic development that is critical to the success of the organization. He is book smart and street smart and is at ease in any social situation.”
Ron Bernstein, Director of Economic Development, City and County of Denver
Managed James at Mayor's Office of Economic Development

“James Mejia was a pleasure to work for. He is a refined leader that knows how to navigate the complexities of our political system with ease. He was by far the best manager that I had during my tenure at the Mayor's Office, allowing me to pursue new program linkages between the public and private sectors. I would recommend and work with James again without hesitation.”
Nikki (Sparks) Maloney, Economic Development Specialist, Denver Mayor's Office of Economic Development
Reported to James at Mayor's Office of Economic Development