1. Gunnison seeks to protect grouse, residents from endangerment listing
    It is believed to be the only job of its kind in the country: A wildlife biologist reviews permits in Gunnison County for everything from a septic tank to a McMansion to determine whether the construction will impact a showy little bird.
  2. Joe Biden to visit Denver this Friday; focus is scourge of domestic abuse
    Vice President Joe Biden plans to travel to Denver on Friday for "an event on domestic violence," according to administration officials.
  3. Denver 2015 budget proposal adds sheriff's deputies, big projects
    Denver city officials have proposed a 2015 budget that would pay for dozens more jail deputies, expansion of the independent monitor's office, two police recruit classes and body cameras for most officers.
  4. Obama to launch awareness campaign aimed at male students
    President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden plan to announce a campus sexual assault awareness campaign from the White House Friday, with a special focus on engaging men in the fight against a largely hidden problem.
  5. Hillary Clinton stirs speculation with visit to Iowa
    Hillary Rodham Clinton, making her return to Iowa for the first time since the 2008 presidential campaign, implored Democrats on Sunday to choose shared economic opportunity over "the guardians of gridlock" in a high-profile appearance that drove speculation about another White House bid into overdrive.
  6. Watch: Aaron Harber interviews Kathlenn Hall Jamieson and other communication experts
    Watch the Aaron Harber Show Monday through Friday on denverpost.com. Aaron Harber talks with Kathleen Hall Jamieson, Elizabeth Ware Packard Professor of Communication and more.
  7. Colorado ballot measures drive turnout, and help or hurt candidates
    Ever since Colorado decided its first ballot issue in 1912 — shooting down prohibition as a state law — voters have decided many of the state's most controversial issues, some of which are called wedge issues because of how adamantly people take sides.
  8. Colorado among states most reliant on income tax
    Colorado is among the top 10 states most reliant on income taxes for revenue, according to a new report concluding that income inequality is contributing to slower economic growth nationally.
  9. Group targets Mike Coffman with ad after he declines money pledge
    A political-action committee is hitting U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman with a new hard-edged TV ad after Coffman declined its challenge to disavow some types of outside spending in his race for re-election.
  10. Pueblo candidate sorry about Newtown shooting comments that went viral
    A Pueblo County commission candidate whose comments about the Newtown shootings drew gasps and now death threats says his remarks were misunderstood.
  11. Activists target Colorado in "ground game" fight
    Mary Rafferty got married in June, but she's delaying her honeymoon until after Election Day for a not-so-tropical getaway: an air bed in Denver that lets her knock on doors in support of Democrat Mark Udall and his re-election campaign.