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  1. Mike Pence tells Colorado Springs crowd “it is time to come home”
    Republican vice president candidate, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence urged more than 450 supporters at a Colorado Springs rally to "reach out to all your Republican friends and say it is time to come home."
  2. With 13 days to go, Mike Pence campaigns in the unlikeliest of battlegrounds: Utah
    With just 13 days to go until the election, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence touched down in an unusual location for a Republican vice-presidential candidate: Utah, a deeply conservative state that hasn't voted for a Democrat for president since 1964.
  3. “War on women” flares within GOP
    A growing number of prominent Republican women are worried that as members of their male-dominated party step up to defend Donald Trump against accusations of sexual assault, they are causing irreparable damage to the GOP's deteriorating relationship with female voters.
  4. Darryl Glenn makes his closing argument in event with Ted Cruz
    Flanked by Sen. Ted Cruz, Republican U.S. Senate candidate Darryl Glenn made what he called his closing argument Wednesday, saying Democratic rival Michael Bennet's support for the Iran deal and federal health care law disqualify him for office.
  5. Colorado election issues include tax on soda in Boulder, backyard doves in Lochbuie
    Whether it's a desire to wean yourself off sugary beverages in Boulder, ride the bus for free in Lafayette or put in quality time with chickens, pigeons and doves in Lochbuie, Colorado voters have a wide variety of issues to ponder this election season that go beyond the madness at the top of the ticket.
  6. Homeless camp comes back to life after Denver sweep
    Earlier this year, Denver city workers cleared the area where many of the homeless were living. On Wednesday, the sidewalk in front of the shelter at Lawrence Street and Park Avenue West was again crowded with the homeless, their belongings bundled beside them.
  7. Trump: I’ll run America like my business. Clinton: Let’s not
    His presidential dreams increasingly in question, Donald Trump pushed his business empire to the center of his political campaign Wednesday.
  8. With many ballots now sent, Douglas County operating voter service and polling centers
    With ballots already in the hand of many voters, Douglas County has opened up a half dozen voter service and polling centers to collect ballots and address voter issues.
  9. Purple State Memo: Cory Gardner hits the campaign trail in other states
    Two years ago, U.S. Sen Cory Gardner spent late October traveling to all parts of Colorado as part of his election bid. This year, Gardner is traveling all parts of the country helping to rally support for Republican colleagues.
  10. Trump in Washington: Is this a campaign or hotel promotion?
    Donald Trump's campaign is defending his eyebrow-raising decision to spend precious campaign time promoting his business in the final days of the long presidential campaign as his poll numbers sink.