1. Denver auditor: O'Brien takes surprise lead over Nevitt
    Former state auditor Timothy O'Brien took a surprising lead over well-financed Denver City Councilman Chris Nevitt in the city auditor's race Tuesday night.
  2. Denver clerk: Debra Johnson with most ballots counted
    Debra Johnson on Tuesday night appeared to have locked up a second term as Denver's clerk and recorder, downing Joan Poston.
  3. Denver District 1: Incumbent Shepherd losing to Espinoza
    Challenger Rafeal Espinoza is beating Councilwoman Susan Shepherd, who is en route to becoming the first incumbent member of the Denver City Council to lose since 1987.
  4. Denver District 2: Kidd, Flynn lead in initial returns
    John Kidd, a small-business man, is headed to a runoff with another candidate to succeed outgoing Councilwoman Jeanne Faatz in southwest Denver's Council District 2.
  5. Denver District 3: Unopposed, Paul Lopez wins re-election
    Denver City Councilman Paul Lopez, who ran unopposed in his second straight election, represents a district that was billed as "about the last affordable part of Denver.
  6. Denver District 4: Black leading in race to replace Peggy Lehmann
    In City Council District 4, in southeast Denver, Kendra Black was winning the election to replace term-limited City Councilwoman Peggy Lehmann.
  7. Denver District 5: Unopposed, Mary Beth Susman wins
    After a tough election in 2011, Denver City Councilwoman Mary Beth Susman ran unopposed this year in a district where traffic remains a huge concern.
  8. Denver District 6: Kashmann leads Adams for southern Denver seat
    Paul Kashmann, a former newspaper owner, was leading former state Senate legislative aide Liz Adams with most of the votes counted in the Denver Council District 6 seat Tuesday night.