1. Obama takes foreign policy risks, but on his own terms
    President Barack Obama has been criticized as cautious on foreign policy, but the secret negotiations on Cuba suggest a willingness for bold and risky action, if he can keep tight control and rely on a few close aides.
  2. Why Gov. John Hickenlooper doesn't, and probably still won't, wear a tie
    Gov. John Hickenlooper in a file photo. (Lewis Geyer/Times-Call) Gov. John Hickenlooper attended a Denver civic forum last week and wore a tie.
  3. Obama slams Sony decision to pull movie after North Korea cyberattack
    President Barack Obama on Friday chastised Sony Pictures for shelving a satirical movie after a North Korea cyber attack and vowed that the United States would take retaliatory action.
  4. Hancock hosts "tough but appropriate" conversation on race in Denver
    Acknowledging that it might be a tough sell during the holiday season, Mayor Michael Hancock on Friday hosted what he called an "appropriate" conversation on race relations in Denver.
  5. Obama talks about Cuba, Congress, Keystone at end-of-year conference
    President Barack Obama on Friday talked about a wide range of topics at a news conference to end a year that he saw as basically positive.
  6. Least productive Congress? Not this one, barely
    It turns out that this Congress did not produce the fewest laws since the days of President Harry Truman.
  7. Gov. John Hickenlooper says he has a girlfriend
    In addition to hearing the traditional Merry Christmas or happy holidays, guests at Gov.
  8. Obama cautions that change may be slow to come to Cuba
    WASHINGTON (AP) — Tempering his historic Cuba policy shift with a dose of realism, President Barack Obama said Friday that change may not come quickly to the communist island.
  9. Governor Hickenlooper reveals he has a girlfriend
    In addition to hearing the traditional "Merry Christmas" or "happy holidays," guests at Gov. John Hickenlooper's annual yuletide gathering got a bit of a surprise: he's got a girlfriend.
  10. Obama pledges proportional response to Sony hack
    WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama says the U.S. will respond "proportionally" to North Korea's punishing hack of Sony Pictures Entertainment at a place, time and manner "that we choose.
  11. Nebraska and Oklahoma sue Colorado over marijuana legalization
    In the most serious legal challenge to date against Colorado's legalization of marijuana, two neighboring states have asked the U.S. Supreme Court to strike down the history-making law.
  12. Denver mayor: Lodging tax hike may help pay for National Western plan
    Denver Mayor Michael Hancock says an in-the-works financing plan for the ambitious National Western Complex project could include seeking voter approval for borrowing or a lodging tax hike.
  13. Obama calls in to Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick's radio show
    Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick has fielded calls on hundreds of subjects during his monthly "Ask the Governor" radio show. But this call was one of a kind
  14. Cubans have high hopes, and some fears, for thaw with U.S.
    The restoration of diplomatic ties between Cuba and the United States unleashed expectations Thursday of momentous changes on an island that often seems frozen in a past of classic cars and crumbling Art Deco buildings.