1. Parks and recreation, fire boards in Evergreen-area special elections
    Special district elections will take place May 6 in the Evergreen area, including those for the Evergreen Park and Recreation District Board of Directors and area fire district boards.
  2. Colorado health exchange staff propose $13M tax on all with insurance
    A proposed $13 million tax on all Coloradans with health insurance would pay half the operating costs at the state health exchange next year and in 2016 under new financial projections.
  3. Defend 'Obamacare' unabashedly, some Democrats say
    WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama's full-throated defense of his health care overhaul seems perfectly timed for Democrats who want their party to embrace the law more enthusiastically.
  4. Federal appeals court considers Oklahoma's gay marriage ban
    Attorneys went before a federal appeals court panel on Thursday to argue the merits of Oklahoma's ban on same-sex marriages.
  5. CBO on Obama budget: Higher deficits than claimed
    WASHINGTON (AP) — A report released Thursday by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office says President Barack Obama's budget request would mean significantly larger budget deficits than the White House claims.
  6. Colorado Senate Democrats spike abortion bill
    Rather than battle Republicans over a proposal they stressed would help protect reproductive rights, Senate Democrats on Wednesday spiked the legislation — a move that drew applause from some religious groups packed into the chamber's gallery who strongly opposed it.
  7. Recall helped Sen. George Rivera, but tough general election awaits
    At a recent committee hearing inside the Capitol, Republican Sen. George Rivera sat side by side with Democratic Senate President Morgan Carroll to present a measure the two sponsored to better aid Colorado businesses through technology.
  8. Four on GOP ballot for governor, as Beauprez gets needed signatures
    Four Republicans are on the ballot for governor with the announcement Wednesday that former Congressman Bob Beau- prez barely collected enough signatures to add his name.
  9. Colorado's gay marriage ban could hinge on appeals court ruling
    A 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals decision on gay marriage bans in two states could allow Colorado same-sex couples to hold nuptials before the end of summer, some experts say.
  10. The great legislative debate: Peaches vs. Cantaloupes
    State Representative Angela Williams thought she'd found a perfect way to engage young citizens while exposing them to the legislative process — having them create and run a bill.
  11. Bill to prohibit jail time for not paying court fines moves forward
    A bill to stop municipal judges from jailing people who can't pay fines sailed through a Senate committee hearing Wednesday.
  12. State AGs take up fossil-fuels boom as IPCC and feds lean green
    Days after the U.N.-backed climate change panel of scientists urged a radical shift toward wind and solar energy to slow accelerating greenhouse-gas pollution, U.S. state attorney generals on Wednesday focused on ramped-up production of fossil fuels.